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MINELAB ETRAC w/ EXTRAS  (sn# xq111163)  USED


$1,500.00 Regular Price
$1,150.00Sale Price
Used etrac (minelab)w/EXTRAS (minelab rain cover and andy sabich book) that was taken in on trade, it still has roughly 2 years of warranty left overall the machine is a 9 out of 10..  I accept all offers your not going to hurt my feelings simply call (502-262-0356) or email me through a contact form under contact us at the bottom of this page! Please see my USED ACCESSORIES for lots of Used coils, rods, diggers, headphones  and other things! 

I do accept trades usually on new machines, but will take trades on used machines as well if worth it to me, Gold, Relics and other detectors!! CALL VANCE
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