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Teknetics Omega 8000 USED

Teknetics Omega 8000 USED

$650.00 Regular Price
$400.00Sale Price
The New The Teknetics Omega 8000 is the Latest Powerful Metal Detector from the world-reowned Teknetics brand of Quality made metal detectors. The " Omega 8000 " has real "bang for your buck" with state-of-the-art features that are found in metal detectors costing twice as much. Features include: large elliptical searchcoil, large control housing featuring push-button controls, Easy-To-Read numerical depth readout, intuitive menu system, battery life indicator, computer assisted ground balacing system with fully static pushbutton pinpointing capibility that will do it all for you. These are the tools the successful treasure hunters insist on in their detectors.

5 Year WarrantyAdvanced features include Discrimination adjustment, audio discrimination up to 4 tones, target notch system, Frequency Shift, Ground mineralization readout, two-digit numerical target identification system, and much more. The Teknetics Omega 8000 operates on one 9 volt battery with real time battery monitoring.
  • Details

    TEKNETICS OMEGA 8000 Features:
    Audio Discrimination Selectabe Up To 4 Tones *
    Ground Mineralization ID
    Fully Static Push-Button Pinpoint
    Large Two-Digit LCD Target Readout
    Battery Life Indicator
    Target Notch System
    7 Level Running Signal Strength meter
    LCD Depth Display Frequency Shift To Eliminate Electrical Interference
    3 Search Modes ( Discrimination, All Metal, & Static Pinpoint )
    Manual & Computer Assisted Ground Balance
    Intuitive Menu System
    Concentric Elliptical Search Coil
    Motion Ground Balance
    All Metal Mode
    Adjustable Sensitivity
    Overload Alarm System

    Made In USA
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