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About Us


VANCE METAL DETECTING SALES is a family owned company! I got started in this hobby after retiring  from the marine corps after three tours in the middle east. Just looking for something to pass the time when I couldn't hunt or fish!  Boy did I find it, now I try and get out three to five times a week.  I do a little bit of every type of hunting but as my buddy's will tell you I am a RELIC HUNTER at heart!  There is just something about pulling up a civil war relic knowing the last fella that held or had it was a soldier over 150 years ago!!  That to me is special in its own right!!  If I can help you rather your a customer of mine or not, I will JUST CALL!


Throughout the years I have built great relationships with customers, distributors and other dealers, and have made tons of friends in this hobby!  I use a variety of different machines to stay on top of the technology so that I can help my customers when they need it!


Our professional staff takes the time to answer your questions completely and find the best detectors or accessories to meet your needs.


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