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     So the Equinox 600 and 800 are trickling in, and I am going to cover the differences AND ATTEMPT TO HELP those of you on the fence. And those who have ordered with what settings do what and how to use them!

The equinox 600 and 800 share lots of the same features what that means is one does not have more power than the other, However the 800 does carry more features than the 600 and I will cover those first!


  • Gold Detecting Mode (800)

  • Advanced Settings (800)

  • Bluetooth & WM08 (800) but can be added to the 600

>Gold Mode: This in a nutshell is an All Metal Mode that will only run 3 frequencies 20 kHz, 40 khz and Multi.. And again is only available on the 800, prospectors will love this as well as those who hunt jewelry, I am blown away by the small (tiny) gold this machine can hit ( it has no problem hitting a diamond stud earring which makes small ring and bracelets or chains an easy feat) This alone is worth the extra 259$ to me for the 800..

As you can see in the attached photo 

I have marked with green arrows the minelab instruction book the things the 800 will do that the 600 can’t, so lets discuss the advanced settings of the 800.

    I am going to work top to bottom left to right in the manual touching briefly on each, 

**BACKLIGHT/ The 800 has 4 settings on the back light low, med, high and off the 600 has 2 on and off. Is this huge I don’t think s