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Blisstool Metal Detector LTC64X V3  2 coils   DEMO

Blisstool Metal Detector LTC64X V3 2 coils DEMO

$1,100.00 Regular Price
$700.00Sale Price
Blisstool Metal Detector LTC64X V3  USED/DEMO MODEL
Comes with 2 coils 11" and 15"... This is a demo unit in great shape that is still under warranty!

Blisstool Metal Detector LTC64X V3 Std.
- Latest Version June 2013 Code 1631
All terrain metal detectors with extreme depth, and sensitivity. Comes with 28cm 11" & 15" DD Search Coil

Here’s your opportunity to own one of the very latest and most advanced metal detectors considered by many to be the new benchmark for metal detector users when it comes to depth and sensitivity. Blisstool LTC64X is acknowledged by many experienced owners who chose the LTC64X over many other available detectors. Blisstool LTC64X is a favorite in Europe where detectorists must have a detector that can go very deep to find valuable coins, jewelry and relics dating back to biblical times. Many countries that were part of the Early Roman Empire have been so extensively detected for coins (half the size of a US dime) to depths to 10 inches that detectorists wanted a detector that could get the signal deeper in the ground for even the smallest coins to the larger relics. Blisstool provided a Series of detectors that did just that! Blisstool has been available in the U.S. for over a year and has been acclaimed as one of the deepest and best detector available in North America! And now you can own the very latest model that has perfect depth and discrimination, is quality made and is recommended for beginners as well as experienced "Old Time Detectorists".
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