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Fisher F70 w/ 10"coil

Fisher F70 w/ 10"coil

$799.00 Regular Price
$649.00Sale Price
Fisher F70 Advanced Visual & Audio Target ID Metal Detector 

The F70 Has Many Great Features. Use it for Coin Shooting, Relic Hunting, Gold Prospecting & More. Powerful Performance

All Metal Auto-Tune Mode
•Large LCD Screen with 0-99 Numeric Target Identification Display
•Frequency Shift
•Multiple Audio ID Tone Options
•One Touch Notch
•Push Button Static Pinpoint with Variable Audio Pitch and Depth Reading
•Advanced Software-Based Motion Discrimination
•Intuitive User Interface

•Upgrade to 11” DD Bi-Axial Coil ◦Increase Depth
◦Better Target Separation
◦Big Footprint: Cover More Ground Faster
◦Better in Mineralized Soils
◦Great for European Hunting Conditions

Recommended for:
Coin Shooting
Relic Hunting
Beach Hunting
Gold Prospecting
  • Details

    F70 Specifications

    •Mechanical: 3-piece breakdown aluminum pole system, batteries under elbow, Armrest adjustment - forward/backward.
    •Search coil: 9 3/4” open-frame waterproof concentric elliptical search coil.
    •Batteries: 4 AA, alkaline (not included).
    •Weight: 2 pounds 15 ounces (1.3kg), with alkaline batteries installed.
    •Operating Principle: VLF induction balance
    •Operating Frequency: nominal 13 kHz, quartz crystal timing reference
    •Basic Sensitivity: 6 x 109 root Hertz (detectivity)
    •Lag Coefficient: 78 milliseconds
    •Overload: standard 10” elliptical concentric
    Reactive approximately 10,000 micro-cgs
    Resistive approximately 1,200 micro-cgs
    accessory 11” bi-axial
    Reactive approximately 30,000 micro-cgs
    Resistive approximately 3,700 micro-cgs
    •Resistive Overload: approximately 1,200 micro-cgs units (volume susceptibility)
    4,800 micro-cgs units with sensitivity < 30.
    •Ground Balancing Range: From ferrite to salt, inclusive
    Ground Suppression: combination of second and third order methods
    ID Ground
    Suppression: third order
    •Battery Life: Typically 40 hours with high quality alkaline batteries
    Estimated 80 hours with nickel oxyhydroxide batteries
    Estimated 65 hours with lithium iron disulfide batteries
    •Operating Temp Range: 4 to +122 degrees F (-20 to +50 degrees C)
    •Operating Humidity Range: 0-90% non-condensing
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