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NEL BIG COIL (15"X17")

NEL BIG COIL (15"X17")

$217.00 Regular Price
$189.00Sale Price

Available for most popular metal detectors Chances are good that there is a NEL Big that will fit your detector.

Note - some variations of the NEL Big may encounter a short shipping delay.

Call for verification before ordering if the reciept of your order is time critical.

Cover gound quickly and get ultimate depth with this BIG coil
•Measures 15"x17"
•The open design helps keep the weight down
•Comes with a coil cover and coil bolt

Available for the following leading makes and models of metal detectors:
•Garrett Ace 150/250/350
•Garrett GTI 1500/2000/2500
•Garrett AT Pro (note the AT Pro version will NOT work with the AT Gold)
•Garrett AT Gold (note the AT Gold version will NOT work with the AT Pro)
•Garrett GTA 550/750/1350
•Garrett Master Hunter
•Fisher F2/F4, Bounty Hunter 1100/2200/3300
•Fisher F5, Bounty Hunter Gold/Platinium
•Fisher F70, F75
•Fisher Gold Bug
•Teknetics Omega/Delta/Gamma/Alpha/G2
•Teknetics T2
•Minelab Explorer (all), Etrac. Quattro, Safari
•Tesoro Tejon, Cibola, Lobo Super Traq, Vaquero
•Tesoro Silver uMax, Golden uMax, Cortez, DeLeon
•White's Prizm 3,4,5, Coinmaster
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