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Treasure hunting with a Tesoro just became more versatile than ever. The Outlaw is an all-terrain multi-coil phenomenon which is available with a single 8" coil, or with a three coil bundle. With its 3 coil bundle package (5.75”, 8”, 12”x10”), the Outlaw allows all the tools of the trade to be at the ready for any environmental experience. Built on the tough as nails technology you’ve come to expect from Tesoro, the Outlaw has its roots firmly set in the Bandido Series of metal detectors. This family of detectors also gives the user the return of the True No-Motion retune that allows for precision pinpointing. The 3 ¾ turn ground balance also allows the “Quick Swap” technique with it’s 3 search coils.
  • Details


    ◾MicroMAX Design
    ◾Low Noise Circuitry
    ◾3 Searchcoil Pack
    ◾VLF 10.6 kHz Frequency
    ◾One Drop-in 9 volt Battery
    ◾Silent Search Discriminate Mode
    ◾No-Motion All Metal Mode
    ◾Motion All Metal Mode
    ◾3-Piece Knockdown Pole
    ◾Interchangeable Coils w/quick change lower poles
    ◾Lifetime Warranty


    Operating Frequency 10.6 kHz
    Searchcoil 5.75" Concentric
    Searchcoil 8" Round Open Center Concentric
    Searchcoil 12" x 10" Spoked Wide Scan
    Searchcoil Family Epsilon
    Cable Length Approx. 3'
    Audio Frequency Approx. 630 Hz
    Audio Output 36mm (approx) 1 ½" speaker and headphone jack
    Headphone Compatibility ¼" stereo plug
    Weight (may vary slightly) 2.2 lbs
    Battery Requirement One 9 volt DC (alkaline)
    Battery Life (typical) 10 to 20 hours
    Optimum Temp. Range 30° to 100° F
    Optimum Humidity 0 to 75% R.H.
    Operating Modes Silent Search Discriminate
    Threshold Based No Motion All Metal
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